Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My Favorite Article #1 (Its Okay To Feel Regret)

” Lila, I think we need to talk” says John.
“Yes ?”, answers Lila with gleaming eyes, hoping that John would say something that will make her happy.
“Err, I think I’ve burdening you all this while…”, John speaks hesitantly.
“Yes ?”, she answered short, her smile fades. She wants John explanation.
“I think that all this while , you’ve misundeerstood me that I love you…Yes, I love you as my friend but not more than that. I appreciate that you love me but then, I love your friend, Cindy. Not you..Sorry”, John says honestly about what he feels all this while.
He became a good friend to Lila just because she is a good listener and can be a good secret-chamber for him.
Tears start to fall along Lila’s fair cheek. She put down her phone and threw her face to the pillow on her bed. Screaming out loud she can…She regretting her confession to John before he explained to her the truth. It’s a pain truth to her.

Well guys, that’s one of my example of situation in these days…we’re teenager and somehow , we can’t run from falling in love with anyone with opposite gender to us. Be it girls or boys. Yes ! You can deny your friends by saying to them, you don’t liking him or her or you say that you hate him or her so much. But, in fact. You can’t lie to yourself because the feelings is a natural piece of thing as you the human being. It’s an inborn needs.
Some people choose to confess their feelings to their love one and some maybe choose to watch them from far and hold the feelings in because they might think, if they confess, the person they love may become distant from them. Especially when they’re you’re so-called friends, junior or senior in college or anyone. Actually it is better if you not rush yourself to confess your feeling. You might not know what is going to happen in the future.
It’s better to do it if you’re really confirm that she or he is going to be yours, in other word, you’ll going to marry them soon. Or else, you’ll feel regret doing it to someone who is not Halal for you. Feeling will fade once you utter the words that you shouldn’t to person who is not yours. It’s good to have such bravery and courage to profess your feeling to person you love but it meant to be someone who you have married. Don’t worry, how far you and your love one could be, if he or she is meant for you, then you’ll be with them one day. Allah has already set each of you with someone you don’t know. Someone much better than person you adore.
BUT, what if you’ve already confess to them in your lifetime??!
some of you might feel regret doing it like the situation I gave, feel embarrased especially when you’re a girl. Well, regretting is the process of life. It’s a process where you learn that you should not do the same mistakes over and over again. Cheer it. Be happy. Maybe it will teach you to be someone better if you look your mistake from the positive side. There’s a lesson behind every mistake you did in your life.
Perhaps, you migh come with your own life principle that love after marriage is the best ! So you’ll take care of your feelings and everyone around you, your parents who want you to succeed in life, friends and maybe someone who loves you all this while without you realise, or your-spouse-to-be who is right now walking on the Earth, breathing the same air like you.
Credit : IluvIslam.com

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